General characteristics 2 guideways lathes TR: TR1 – TR2

CSF lathes we present you are at the top of the range of CNC teach-in machines.

The extreme rigidity of the monolithic structure, along with a complete support on the ground, the innovative mechanical solution adopted, linked with the most advanced and easiest programming systems, grant excellent roughing and finishing working.

Headstock is well ribbed and excellently dimensioned.

Sliding of longitudinal and transversal carriage is done with antifriction material.

The spindle line is supported in three points through high precision bearings.

All shaft and gears are casehardened, tempered and grounded.

Tailstock with rotating quill.


  • Data sheet




    Main technical features

    TR1 500

    TR1 600

    TR2 750

    TR2 900

    CENTRES HEIGHT mm 500 600 750 900
    SWING OVER BED mm 1.000 1.200 1.500 1.750
    SWING OVER CARRIAGE mm 610 810 1.000 1.300
    DISTANCE BETWEEN CENTRES m 3-4-6-8-10-12 3-4-6-8-10-12-14-16
    MAX. WEIGHT ALLOWED (without steadies) Kg 6.000-8.000(*) 15.000-20.000(*)
    SPINDLE BORE mm 120-140(*) 150
    SPINDLE NOSE ASA 11"-15"(*) 15"-20"(*)
    SPINDLE MOTOR IN S1 kW 28-37(*) 55-71(*)
    SPINDLE SPEED giri/min 2-1.100 2-650

    CNC Fagor - Fanuc - Siemens

  • Standard equipment

    • Headstock with n. 2 automatic ranges
    • Tailstock with inner rotating quill
    • Third front guideway for support
    • Carriages slides on antifriction material
    • Double stabilization of cast iron and of hardened slideways
    • Ground high precision ball screws
    • Centralized lubricating, operated by CNC, for headstock, slideways and ball screws
    • Movable independent and pivotable panel sliding on all the length
    • Front chip conveyor
    • Back chip tray
    • Sliding front protection for operator
    • Telescopic protection for cross slideways
    • Electronic handwheel
    • CNC with ISO programmation and teach-in
    • Serial output RS232
    • Reduction sleeve and n. 2 dead centres
    • Manual hook of tailstock to the carriage
    • Adjusting screws and anchor bolt series
    • Machine design complying with the European Security Norms (CE)
  • Optional equipment

    • Tailstock with hydraulic clamping
    • Motorized tailstock with automatic movement
    • Tailstock quill with hydraulic movement
    • Boring bar up to 320 mm
    • Double front door
    • Manual plate and chuck
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic chuck
    • Boring bar holder Ø 130 mm on the carriage
    • Back chip conveyor replacing back chip tray
    • Air conditioning system for electric box
    • Manual turrets
    • 4 positions automatic turrets
    • 8/12 positions automatic disk type turrets with or without motorization
    • “C-Axis” continuous with movement through the spindle motor or independent motor
    • Follow rest 20-200 mm
    • Steady rest 40-400 mm
    • Steady rest 400-600 mm
    • Open steady rest 550-750 mm
    • Grinding unit
    • Milling unit ISO 40
    • Milling unit for Y axis
    • Probe for piece measurement
    • Probe for tool wear measurement
    • Teleservice

                                                                                   (*) Opzionale