Mr. Rodolfo Carlini, business founder, starts his activity of machine tools trading and reconditioning.


Business control passes to Mr. Carlini Mauro, who, with the collaboration of 2 other partners, built CSF S.r.l..

His intention, since the beginning, thanks to experiences in the past years, is to design CNC horizontal lathes of medium and big dimensions.


It starts the production of TRA 2 guideways lathes. Using performing characteristics of this lathes, we realize special machines for heavy duty working and high performing operations.


3 models of 4-guideways lathes are turned up. Effort and resources are considerable, as 4-guideways lathes WH series, represents a new technologic standard, without absolutely copying existing models


We introduced 2 new models of medium dimensions 2 and 4 guideways lathes, designed from the experience of the previous ones realized.

This new models have smaller dimensions and weight capacity.
This completion of range is made to fulfill requests of working small and medium pieces even complexes.